Shows an overview of your Delivery groups, grouped by proposal status.

Proposal status

Proposals ready to be picked.
Proposals with ongoing or parking status.
Delivered proposals

Find by

Possible to search todays (some history) proposals by:
Proposal Id – enter Proposal ID (also possible to search from history)
Packages Id – enter Package ID
Customer Code – enter Customer Code
Customer Name – enter Customer Name
Order No – enter Order No (also possible to search from history)
Proposal No – enter Proposal No
Delivery Note No – enter Delivery Note No (also possible to search from history)
Load Carrier – enter Load carrier No
Trolley – enter Trolley ID (possible for LC Trolley)


Select Filter and select which Delivery groups and/ or Zones you wish to have overview of:

Print Proposals

Select Delivery group/ Zone (select by click on Delivery group name and/ or Zone)
Enter number of proposals from selected delivery group that should be printed, select Print.
(DeliveryProposal must be setup)

Or select Proposal from deliverygroup and select Print Proposal
Proposal is printed on the Printer that is setup on the user logged in to Workstation (setup in Bitlog Manager)

Confirm Proposal

From main view select Confirm or press F4 and enter or scan Proposal id.
Or select proposal in DeliveryGroup select Confirm
Change confirmed delivered quantity by double-click in Delivered field and change to correct delivered quantity.
Add number of packages with weight.
Delivery Method and Delivery service is read from Sales Order. Select Confirm


Press no of qty in Delivered.

Mark the proposal that you wish to reprint and select Freight.

Change no of boxes and/ or Delivery method and select Confirm

Select to reprint Delivery Note and/ or Transport document, select printer.

Change Delivery address and /or Delivery method

Before reprint address and delivery method can be adjusted and/ or changed.

Change address