Advice Bitlog before making any changes in parameter settings.


Activate/ inactivate plugin (by Bitlog)


WMS events (setup by Bitlog)


Setup of documents printing (setup by Bitlog)


To setup or manage your print stations.
Printer needs to be setup at WMS server first to be able to access for WMS.
Add a new print-station by selecting +
Set Name
Station code
Select printer type from list
Set TA settings.


View your license.
Mark licens and use second mouse button to manage your licens, view details.


User view
Last login for each user is specified
If User has ben locked out due to too many failed logins it is possible to unlock user by right-click on user and select "Unlock"

Set up User Step
Select New user to set up new user
Enter User data

  • Username (used to log in to Wms)
  • Password (optional) Depending on Setting PasswordPolicy
    • Possible to set your own or have WMS creating a unique password. 
  • Name
  • Email etc.
  • Add user to Picking site
  • Connect user to rights/ roles

Add a new User Role
Use second mouse button on User and Module to add new role

  • Enter description of new role
  • Select which rights should be in this role
  • Save

Connect or change Company for user - Select Companies under File

  • Select Company in list and select Users
  • Use second mouse button on user, connect.

Note: If using multiple companies, you need to set-up step 2 in the user right section for each additional company. Do this by first log-in with the Admin user in the corresponding companies.


Shows active sessions in Bitlog WMS.
Mark a user and select Delete to remove the session.

User preferences

Each user can select default language initial view.
You find this setting under File/ User preferences.