Delivery Groups

  • Realtime proposals for each delivery groups setup in the system shown by Waiting, ongoing Picking proposals and Delivered proposals.

Right click in menu to show more details about order.

Mark a row to see orderlines available in WMS. By using second mouse button on orderlines you can Prioritize order, Show order, jump to Delivery planning of this specific item or you can export order to excel. Use second mouse button to select alternatives from list. Shows in how long the service is going to run or if it´s runningShows who is logged on and their rightsShows Company and site Select Selection to prioritize more than 1 order/ proposal

  • Select “Selection/Toggle” in menu to open selection column

  • Mark the proposals you wish to prioritize

  • Select “Selection/Prioritize” in menu

You can also select selection/Clear to clear your prioritized proposals. Icon legend for Main menu – Delivery groups.

  • Ongoing picking

  • Parked proposal

  • Prioritized Proposal assigned for picking

  • Ongoing picking of Prioritized proposal

  • Proposal assigned for picking

  • Proposal waiting for reload or a move from deep buffer depending on your settings
    ReloadFromBufferBeforePicking or if balance is placed on a non-picking bin (deep buffer)

In each tab you can Use second mouse button on the line to select more alternatives from list.

Customer Deliveries

Information about all sales order of a specific customer can be found here.
Show orders of Order/ Invoice or Delivery customer number.

Possibility to:

Jump to Delivery Planning of the selected Item in list, using second mouse button, select Delivery Planning
Jump to Sales Order view of the selected Order in list, using second mouse button, select Show order
Export Order list, using second mouse button, select Export to Excel

Protect Customer Data – select a customer number to protect – select Protect Customer Data and the customers performed shipments will be masked (only possible for ERP Bex, Visma.Net or stand-alone ERP).

In each tab you can Use second mouse button on the line to select more alternatives from list.

Sales Orders
Used to get details of a specific sales order number, is read from ERP.
Search by ERP order number or customer PO number.

Possibility to:

Prioritize order (can affect delivery planning), using second mouse button, select Shipment Info. Mark Proposal line and select Prioritize
View Shipment Information like Package or Proposal ID, status, in what delivery group the order is, using second mouse button, select Shipment Info.
Trace order if the order should not be released by any chance, using second mouse button, select Shipment Info. Create a new request and wait for the Wms service to run to get the information.
Export Order, using second mouse button, select Export to Excel

Purchase Orders
View information about your selected Purchase order.

Production Orders (additional licens required)
View information about your selected Production order.

Delivery Planning
An overview of selected item
Select Item
Delivery planning will be presented of selected item, depending on setting SalesOrderSorting
Balance per bin is presented, grouped by Warehouse and Bin type

Possibility to:

Find specific order no
Select Warehouse (within site)
Jump to selected Sales Order, Customer Deliveries, Stock Control or view Transactions, using second mouse button on row in Delivery Planning.

Possibility to:

View and save attached pictures of Discrepancy transaction.
Rearrange order in Delivery Planning using Distribution


Use Distribution to change default DeliveryPlanning. It will allocate goods according to the manual distribution. (If booking order is used the quantity on the booking order will be reserved before any allocation is done in manual distribution)
Select "Edit" to start manual distribution
PO orders will be shown to left
Orders to Handle in distribution will be shown to right
Distribute items from StockBalance by:
Enter qty to distribute and select to distribute from Stock or from Purchase orders from list.
Priority will be set in order distribution is made
Enter qty in

Possibility to:

Displaying or hiding columns by right-clicking in column header in the grid.
Sorting and Grouping
Items are separated into two groups: Distributed and Ordered. Items can be sorted within a group by any column by clicking on a column.
While in editing mode custom sorting is turned off and items is sorted by priority and order number.
Add or change allocated quantities or assigned priorities.
Enter qty to distribute, right-clock and select to distribute from Stock or from Purchase orders from list.
Changing priority
You can change priority index on distributed order lines by either dragging rows up and down the list or using a context menu (see below).

Delivery History
Shows details about a Delivery previously made by Bitlog WMS.
Search by Proposal No, Delivery note No or Order no.
Right click on top of the proposal (yellow row) for possibility to Check against ERP or Rollback shipment in WMS (only for todays delivery) Rollback in ERP is made in ERP.
Possible to see information about parcels if the customer is using readback in TA integration. Not available for iScala.

If photo is taken when confirming delivery, attachment can be viewed here.