Storage setup is used to get more controlled handling of items in warehouse.
Item needs to be Stored as Pieces, Boxes or Pallets to activate the functions in storage setup.

If assigned Picking place – items will be allocated from that bin and should not be stored in other picking bins.


Search Items:
Search and select item to add/ edit settings

Assigned Pickingplace:
If assigned pickingplace and changing to another pickingplace, balance will be moved to new assigned pickingplace

Storage Tab

Assign Pickingplace or Pickingarea to item
Picking reload level: Enter qty, balance below this in Pickingplace / Pickingarea triggers reload
Reload with: Enter no of Pcs, Boxes or Pallets to be reload with
If selecting Stored as: Mandatory – Picking place/ Picking Area.

Items are stored in buffer as pieces.

Boxes   (Advanced license required)
view Item Settings: Boxes Tab

Items can only be stored in buffer as whole boxes and quantity cannot be split.

Pallets   (Advanced license required)

PalletID can only be stored in buffer.


Suggest bin: If assigned Pickingarea – suggest bin is activated.

  • Free: Suggests Area and possible to receive to any bin within the area.

  • Current: Suggests bin with current stock and close free bin within the area.

  • Current with check: Suggests bin with current stock with available capacity.
    (Size for bin and items is mandatory)


Picking priority: Possible to sort proposal by Priority, lowest first
Serialnumbers: Serial numbers is mandatory when picking (Advanced and additional license)
Expiry products: Best-before date is mandatory (Advanced license required)    
Disable batch picking: Item is not included in batch picking.   
Mandator production batch no: Production batch no is mandatory (Advanced license required



Buffer Tab

Allow buffer/ pallet picking: Buffer picking is possible (Site setting: BoxPicking must also be activated)
Minimum number of items to pick from buffer: Mandatory to set if allowed to pick from buffer  
Assign Bufferplace or Bufferarea to item
Buffer reload level: Enter qty, balance below this in Bufferplace or Bufferarea triggers reload 
Reload with: Enter no of Pcs, Boxes or Pallets to be reload with

Boxes Tab

Items per box: If item is stored as Boxes this field is Mandatory
Boxes per pallet: If item is stored as Boxes it is possible to set number of boxes on a pallet (the allocation will then be = to pallet qty if allowed buffer pick).
Box volume: Add box volume
Box weight: Add box weight

Change log: View change log

Change of Storage Type - Important! If Storage type must change while balance in stock, these steps must be done in following order. Inventory the item to 0 balance in stock, change Storage type on item (if pallets, first create pallet flags) then make an inventory to increase balance with the new Storage type.