Edit or setup bins


Add Bin:

Press Add Bin if you wish to add a new Bin. 

Edit stockcode, used to remove items if there are more than 2 assigned items to this picking place.    

Bin Settings:

Storage type: Select type from list.

Pallet type: Select pallet type from list to put in bin, used with Capacity: No of pallets possible.

Side: Select odd or even side (help for when creating Areas or Inventory lists). 

Size: Possibility to add size for bin (Additional license required)

Section: Used for Route optimization (Additional license required)    

Area: View or add bin to Area, select Area from list. 

Priority: Defines in what order the bin should be suggested. Highest number first.

Check digit: Used for Voice pick.

Sort order:  Edit numbers for each bin. Possible to sort proposal by sort order.

Aisle: View/ Add aisle number for bin. 

Rack: View/ Add rack number for bin. 

Position: View/ Add position number for bin. 

 Change log: View change log

Good to know

We are using cache for bins in mobile. Bin settings may therefore not update directly for all modules, after changes are made from clients other than mobile.