Edit or setup bins


Add Bin:

Press Add Bin if you wish to add a new Bin. 

Edit stockcode, used to remove items if there are more than 2 assigned items to this picking place.    

Bin Settings:

Storage type: Select type from list.

Pallet type: Select pallet type from list to put in bin, used with Capacity: No of pallets possible.

Side: Select odd or even side (help for when creating Areas or Inventory lists). 

Size: Possibility to add size for bin (Additional license required)

Section: Used for Route optimization (Additional license required)    

Area: View or add bin to Area, select Area from list. 

Priority: Defines in what order the bin should be suggested. Highest number first.

Check digit: Used for Voice pick.

Sort order:  Edit numbers for each bin. Possible to sort proposal by sort order.

Aisle: View/ Add aisle number for bin. 

Rack: View/ Add rack number for bin. 

Position: View/ Add position number for bin. 

 Change log: View change log