Possible to import data into WMS of:
Bins, Storage setup (Item settings), Picking places, Buffer places, Bar codes or StockBalance

Demands of importing StockBalance to wms.
No balance can exist in wms.

If item = Expired item, Best-before date is required.
If item = Stored as box, ItemsPerPack is required.
If item = PalletPick = true, MinBoxes is required.
If item = MandatoryProductionBatchNo, ProductionBatchNo is required.
It is not possible to import balance to buffer bins for items stored as Pallets.
Only possible to update/ change StorageType for items when no balance is placed in buffer
Only possible to update/ change PalletType for items when no balance is placed in buffer


Select and generate a template (excel) to be imported.
Fill the excel with the data you wish to import, fields with (flag) must be filled with either 0 (0= False) or 1 (1= True).


Select from where you wish to import data by tap Select file
Select Validate
Select Import


If errors: Select Back and see error message is displayed, correct the file and try again.
If No errors: Select Finish and the import is done