Add delivery groups per Site.

The Delivery settings are used to configure delivery methods, delivery terms and other settings related to this. The configuration should be done in this order:

Creating Delivery groups

Select Site
Make your settings for each delivery group
Second mouse-click to create new or delete a groupDisplays settings 

To each Delivery Group you can connect:

  • Delivery Methods – select delivery methods to connect to each delivery group

  • Customers – add customer number, select type of customer number. Invoice or order

  • Order numbers – add ordernumber intervall

  • Zip codes – add zip code intervall

  • Product Groups – select product groups to your delivery group

  • Fields – add your own setting to group to delivery group. (needs to be done by BitLog).

Depending on your settings in Site settings – you can set your own priority of how proposals should be assigned to delivery groups.

  • Priorities – see section Time Period (Site settings).

Add time periods and set priority for when different Delivery groups should be prioritized.
The delivery groups will be listed in that order in mobile device.

Delivery Methods

  • Group Delivery Groups by ERP Delivery methods. You can also do other settings related to Delivery Methods.

Mark one or more Delivery methods and second mouse button to connect to a Delivery group.
If more than one delivery method is present in one proposal (grouping) the delivery method with the highest Priority will be set on the proposal.

  • If mandatory to select address code when confirming delivery

  • Delivery method should be freight free

  • Freight dialog to use in Pick Client when confirming delivery 

  • If ongoing picking proposals should be automatically refilled with new orderlines or available balance when already started picking. Used in combination with setting: ProposePrintedOrders. The user will then get a message that new orderlines has been added.

Delivery term settings

In this screen you make additional settings on the ERP Delivery Terms.

Setting to make the delivery method freight freeSaves changesOptional Delivery Time settings. If set this number of days will be used instead of the setting on the Method GroupIf checked - all orders with this Delivery Term will be shipped separately.