These settings are used to integrate with external systems to create freight documents.
Set-up the freight dialogue screen, the settings are made per pick-site.

  • Set-up specific Expeditors and related settings

Type of Goods for the selected Expeditor. Save changes. Specific goods services for the selected Expeditor and Type of Goods. These are shown in Delivery Services settings
Use second mouse-button to add a new goods servicesSelect Site Settings related to Expeditors. Second mouse button to add/delete or rename.

Delivery Services

  • Connect Delivery Method from ERP to Delivery Services in the TA system.
    Second mouse button to set as standard.


  • Set-up package types and content. These are selectable in Pick Client confirm dialogue.

Second mouse button to Set asĀ Standard, Enter expeditor codes, add/delete or rename.

Enter Package cost Enter Package type Enter Pallet type Select site. Save changes Here you can enter different package contents.

  • Translate Packages names into Package codes for each Expeditor

Standard Packages settings

  • This is used when confirming shipment in Workstation Client. The setting is done per Pick-site. When you select "A" as shortcut you can use A in the

bar-code to trigger the settings in this screen. Here is information about the Bar-code:
Hot key format: #[!][D]K
K - package key (defined below)
D - package size (can be multiple digits)
! - accepts delivery (to skip pressing OK button in Workstation Client)
#2A - adds two packages of type A
#!K - adds one package of type K and confirms proposal

Select site.
Save changes.
Enter V-meters.
Enter Volume.
Select default weight.
What short-cut key to use.
Package Type.
Package Content.
Package name.
Second mouse button to add/ delete.

Freight cost settings related to Picksite

  • Here you can set options related to freight costs and Picksite

Calculate package weight automatically.
Select site.
Calculate and add package costs automatically. To enable the manual freight cost field when confirming picking proposals. The system will not add freight to order header level but to a specific sales order line instead if a stock item is selected here. If the line already exist it will change the amount for the line automatically.
Save changes.