(Advanced license required)

First step – get settings
On each sales-order the delivery term is read. Each order-line is flagged with the settings made for that order delivery-terms. Each order-line is flagged in the following order:

  1. Checks if order is back-order or normal order

  2. Check if customer is freight-free

  3. Checks stock-code if it is flagged for immediate distribution

  4. The settings made in Distribution Planning is picked-up

The proposal is now flagged with the minimum setting for: Complete, normal and value.

Second step, calculate what to pick and what orders to put on hold
Each proposal is marked with the first time and date for:

  1. Normal: First time an order-line was available for picking

  2. Complete: First time the complete order is available for picking

The total amount of deliverable value is calculated for the proposal.
If the proposal does not exceed the number of days for Normal and Complete order setting it will check the value setting. Also if the value setting is not exceeded the proposal will be put on hold with the flag "Waiting" on the order-lines. The proposal will be shipped once one of the settings is exceeded.

Settings for Delivery release
Normal release settings
Select Weekday settings

Settings of maximum number of how many days complete and normal orders can be held for until proposal value is reached. For it to work properly value must be put in in both boxes. Settings for proposal value. If the order/ proposal is freight free or not. Select Ordertype Delivery terms in ERP. 
Save changes If the delivery term is flagged for immediate del. in system parameter ItemDeliveryTypeScalaField

Settings for Delivery release Weekdays
If wished to release orders by Weekday logic.

Customer No,
Customer field
or Zip code range for what release logic should be set. Delivery terms in ERP. Select Picking siteSelect weekday for order to be in placeUse second mouse button to add new, duplicate or delete. 
Enter minimum value to be released, leave empty if you don´t want any minimum. Save changes Enter maximum number of days the orders should be held. Leave empty if you don´t want any maximum days.