Freight base
By Customer or Category
Max freight that should be charged for this customer or Category.
Enter what factor to use to calculate the freight value. The standard freight level will be divided with this factor.
Select Customer or
Category for Freight Value Base Settings. Adds new settingsDeletes settingsChange existing settings

Example: If web-orders (own order number series) should have a lower freight value base as in half the normal freight level.
You set factor 2 for web-order number series of the customer category or customer number. The freight value will then be calculate /2 and the freight level for web-orders will be 5 000 and 10 000 for normal orders.

Freight costs
By Customer or Category

Select Customer or Category for Freight cost settings. Use Default for all the rest. Adds new settingsDeletes existing settingsLevel means up to which level the freight cost should be added 

Freight free
By Customer or Category

Adds new settings.
Lists of existing Freight Free Customers or Categories. Select Customer or Category for freight free settings.

Additional Freight costs

A list of existing release costs
Settings for manual release for freight free customers or COD costs
Add cost for marked CategorySave after changing. Select "Show all" in order to add new settings 

Example for freight settings
Example 1:
Customer category XX should have standard freight charge except for Express deliveries that should be charged 100 SEK:

  1. Go to setting 6, Freight settings.

    • Add new post for category XX:

      • Del. Method = Express deliveries

        1. Level 1: standard freight base value

        2. Freight cost: 100

Example 2:
A specific customer should pay freight for web orders with a value under 5000 SEK only but for normal orders the freight free level is 15000 SEK.

  1. Go to settings for freight base values

    • Select customer.

      • Web Shop order counter: factor 3, max freight 9999

      • Normal order: factor 1, max freight 9999

  2. Go to setting 6, freight settings.

    • Add a new post for the selected customer:

      • Del Method = Any

      • Level 1: 14 999

      • Freight cost: 150

Freight calculation
Use this to calculate freight for a specific customer.
If customer have cash on delivery costs. Shows freight info. Select a customer number or search by name. 
Get a calculated freight cost. Check if customer have cash on delivery. Enter order value and calculate. 
Shows if a customer is freight free.