If an error message is shown in mobile when trying to make an Spontaneous stock take (Can´t open bin, check intervals or manager settings)

Check the following things in WMS Manager:

Is the bin specified in the list "Spontaneous" under Show/Stock Take?

If it is - select bin and delete from list by right-click and select delete. 

Bin can only be activated in one list/interval at a time.

Do you have any other Stock Take lists active that is including this bin? 

Then you will have to wait for the list to be either confirmed or the bin to be deleted from the list. 

Is the bin locked in ERP Update?

Please check, handle the post and try to make the stock take again.

Other things to check:

Is the setup for this bin correct? 


If you experience any problems or have more questions that you can't find the answer to, 

please contact our support at support@bitlog.se