1. Pair your barcode scanner with your Apple unit

  1. Press the scan key(+) to power on your barcode scanner.


  2. By default, your barcode scanner is set to HID keyboard mode. To use your barcode scanner and keyboard at the same time in the Retail POS app, you need to set it to Bluetooth MFi_SSI mode. To do so, scan the barcode below directly from your iPad's screen. The barcode scanner will beep and its Bluetooth LED light will start flashing quickly.


  3. On your iPad, tap Settings > Bluetooth.
  4. In the Bluetooth panel, enable the Bluetooth switch.


  5. Under OTHER DEVICES, tap your barcode scanner. Once the pairing process is complete, your barcode scanner displays as Connected under MY DEVICES. Its blue Bluetooth LED light also flashes slowly.


2. Test your barcode scanner

Now that your barcode scanner is paired to your device, test it by scanning an item in the App.

Remove an already paired scanner 

Scan the following barcode to unpair the scanner from the unit.


Adjust the volume on the scanner

Scan following barcodes to adjust the volume

Reset your barcode scanner to factory defaults

  1. On your iPad, tap Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Under MY DEVICES, tap the information icon to the right of your barcode scanner. cs4070_information.png
  3. Tap Forget This Device > OK.
  4. To reset your barcode scanner to factory defaults, scan the barcodebelow directly from your iPad's screen: 



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