Suggestions for hardware - Bitlog WMS

See Apple website. Requirements iOs13
Requirements iOs14 from WMS8.1

Supports all scanners of socket mobile

Scanner example:page1image2129280 page1image2128320 page1image2118912


For example, Otterbox

Holder for trolley

For example, Ram-mount


Operating system: Windows 10
Windows server: 2019, 2016
Requirements: Possibility to connect to the server via VPN or equivalent

Label Printer (Print TA)

Recommends network-connected and direct-thermo
For example: Zebra GK420

Dokument printer (Printing delivery note)

Laser printer (A4)

Purchase of hardware

Hardware can be purchased via Bitlog (daily price).

We recommend that the customer is responsible for purchasing hardware through their existing dealer

Suggestion for resellers: