First of all you will need to add picking area in bin setup.
Add new area and assign your picking place(s) with interval(s).

Bin no

Enter Picking area Bin no, that is created from Bin setup.


Enter a code that will be used for Bitlog Wms during calculations of picking.

Picking order

Select how picking area should be sorted during picking.

Oversized picking

Enable if picking area is used for oversized item(s).

Automated area

Enable if picking area should not be picked via mobile. Picking will be performed by another system. Integration is needed.

Voice picking

Enable if picking area allows you to pick by voice.

Automatic offload

Enable if Bitlog Wms should calculate automatic offload of item(s).

Offload after X days

Set amount of days that should be used during calculation.

Configure bin interval

Set from and to bin, select type of bin and side.