How to set up and use rules for failed transaction in sync.

  • Select New rule to create and add a new rule.

    • Edit an existing rule by selecting edit or dubbel click on rule.

    • Mark a rule in list to get option to

      • disable/activate rule.

      • Move rule up or down to set order which rules are handled.

New rule

  • Select name of rule in description

  • Select when to trigger rule

    • Response:
      Any error: Applies to all errors.
      Error code equals to: Specify error code for the applied rule.
      Error message contains: Specify what message should contain for the applied rule.

    • Transaction:
      Select transaction type from list.

    • Retry:
      On any retry: Rule activates on any retry.
      On first retry: Rule activates only on first retry.
      On second retry: Rule activates only on second retry.

    • Action: Select which action to be called upon.
      Try again: The transaction is tried again.
      Mark as resolved: The transaction is marked as resolved. If selected following can also be set.

      • Set reason to: Select reason of action. (created under menu Sync - Reasons)

      • Use alternative mailing list: Select receiver of notification mail. Notification mail contains info about error message, which rule that where applied and which transaction where handled. (Mailing list is created under menu Sync - Mailing list) Should be mandatory if action “Mark as resolved” is selected.

    • Notification manager: You have possibility to create a event manager that will be executed after resolve or try again.

  • Rule execution statistic

Each rule saves number of times it has been applied. Statistic is showed in edit rule window as following:

the rule was never applied

the rule was applied only once

the rule was applied X times