In API Sync view in Manager client it is possible for each Data source to:

  • Activate/ Deactivate

  • Set Frequency (how often fetching new data should run)

  • Force Sync

    • Current

    • Differential

    • Initial

  • Manage fields

  • Make manual request

  • Show log

    • Filter by entered value

    • Filter by failed records

    • Show detailed message

Transaction log:
Double click on transaction to get more info

  • Waiting

    • Transaction waiting to be handled

  • Preparing

  • Blocked

    • Transactions blocked by Failed transaction, double click on transaction to view what transaction that is blocking

  • Failed transaction always shows existing error message and needs to be handled

    • Failed transactions

    • Shows number of retries made on transaction

    • Reason is shown on transaction if added by a rule

  • Resolved

    • Lists all resolved transactions - all these must have been manually handled in backend ERP

    • Shows if resolved a user or by a rule in Resolved by

  • Processed

    • Lists alla handled transactions