If your license is about to expire and/or changes as new features or adding/removing users are made, you need to Update you license.

If validation of new server is necessary for your license you need to Migrate your license. 

When WMS service is not running, and message of Invalid operation is shown in Event viewer

How to Update your license: 

If you get a notification that your license is about to expire in xx of days upon log in.

You can:

Select Yes and you will be sent directly to the license menu with the possibility to directly update license. 

Select No and you will be sent to the starting page for WMS, from there depending on WMS version you can make your way to the license menu. From version 6.0 you find License menu under File, in earlier versions you can find it under Help.

This is the license menu. Update the license by mark the row and right-click, select Update

Your license is now updated!

If the license was about to expire, check that the expire date has been updated.

If changes to users were made, select Details and check number of users.  



How to Migrate your license: 

Select File in top-menu and then License

Mark license and right click, select Migrate(restart WMS service and see that it is now running)

This message can appear in Event viewer when license needs to be migrated: “Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to check license information ---> Bitlog.Wms.InvalidFingerPrintException: Server fingerprint does not match the license”


The Bitlog WMS license is only possible to have activated on one server at a time. 

This is done through a validation against the Server where Bitlog WMS is installed. And if the server is changed in anyway, Bitlog will class the server as invalid and therefore the license needs to be activated through a migration in Bitlog WMS Manager client


If you experience any problems or have more questions that you can't find the answer to, 

please contact our support at support@bitlog.se