Select Mapping atlas from list


AccessToken -
CompanyId -
ConfirmShipmentDelay - Set hours to wait for Parcel confirmation
DefaultLocation – Set Warehouse
DefaultParcel – Box ID for creating Parcels in Visma.Net
DefaultReason – Possible to set a default reason
DefaultUnit – Possible to set a default unit
ErpTimeOffsetInHours – Set hours to handle TimeZones
TransferOrderCustomer – If using TransferOrders, Transfer customer number must be set
TransactionReference – Possible to set a default Transaction reference

Purchase orders

Possibility to send purchase in bulk by selecting Consolidate order lines by order number

Release options:

Set up in how release should be handled, the first valid option will trigger the release.

  • Activate possibility for users to release orders manually

    • Right click on transaction line and select Send now

  • Set release:

    • When received in full

      • All lines on Purchase order needs be received in full to be handled

    • After xx minutes (when first transactions is made)

    • At a specific time once per day


Set a default e-mail adress or list for Synchronization errors.